Systems and Technologies

Virta combines expert knowledge, experience and agility to create optimal design solutions for your material handling project.

We know how important it is for your material handling system to transport bulk materials safely, economically and reliably, day after day. We also know that streamlining operating costs and capital investment are key parts of operating efficiently.

Our innovative, custom-designed, fit-for-purpose systems will help achieve these goals. Each element is optimized and integrated into a system with a holistic approach, from initial design, to safe and efficient construction, through to ease of maintenance and spare parts management. From one process to the next, or from one location to point-of-sale, our passion for delivering optimal design and execution of material handling solutions ensures that our systems will never be the bottleneck for any process or part of the operation.

Our team's depth of technical and global experience spans a wide range of industries and system technologies. At its best, material handling design is a true blend of engineering, experience and duly applied creativity. What sets us apart is our unique combination of technical leadership and experience in execution to help ensure there are no material handling system failures. With depth and agility, we bring our talents to material handling systems to industries worldwide. To see where we are primarily focused, refer to our specific areas of expertise.