Underground Conveyors and Systems

Virta designs and supplies custom underground material handling systems as part of underground mine infrastructure, addressing requirements like relocation, extension, assembly and maintenance in limited-space conditions.

Since underground equipment is more often subject to relocation, extension, and requires assembly and maintenance in limited-space conditions, the design and manufacture of this type of equipment differs significantly from surface-based equipment.

Our team is equipped to design and specify major sub-assemblies, belting reels and structure sections for safe and efficient transport underground, with consideration for entry methods (hoist or portal), excavation dimensions, turning radii and ease of assembly. We also design underground conveyor structures for suspension from the back, with consideration of possible future extensions.

Underground Conveyors and Systems

Our crushing plants are designed for minimum excavation requirements while delivering safe and maintainable functionality.

We work closely with underground mining operations teams to coordinate equipment and material transport through the mine to avoid interference with on-going mining and infrastructure operations.